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<500 Sqft 500-999 Sqft 1000-1499 Sqft 1500-1999 sqft 2000+sqft  
Large Boxes 3-12 5-15 10-20 15-25+ 20-30+
Medium Boxes 8-15 10-20 15-25 20-30 25-35
Small Boxes 12-18 15-25 20-30 30-40 40-50
Bundle of Paper 1 1 2 3 3
Dish Barrel 2-5 3-6 4-6 5-7 6-9
Wardrobe Box 3-5 3-6 5-7 6-10 8-12

Moving Supplies Toronto

Moving Boxes (Other Sizes Available)

1.5 Cubic foot Moving box – The smallest box that we offer, usually better used for smaller heavier objects such as perishable food items, glass bottles, books, utensils, etc.

3 Cubic foot moving box – Frequently used for the same items as the 1.5 cubic box and other items that might to be too large for 1.5 cubic box.

4.5 Cubic box – These boxes are used for bedding, pillows, clothing, and other light items.

6 Cubic box – Used for larger lighter items such as vases, light fixtures, etc.

Glass divider Inserts – These dividers are used to safely store and move your glasses, mugs, etc. (Dividers are used in 1.5cubic boxes.)

Picture/Mirror Box – Used to store pictures and mirrors. Prior to packaging mirror or pictures be sure to plastic wrap and input packing paper and or bubble wrap around and in the corners of the box.

Wardrobe Box – A box with a metal bar across the top, to allow clothes to be transported on hangers. (wrinkle free)

Moving Boxes Toronto


Bubble wrap (12”,24”, 48”) – A pliable transparent plastic material used for packing fragile items and protect from damages.

Packing paper (10lbs,25lbs)– Used to pack everyday items (prevents scratches) and to fill negative space and act as a cushion when crunched together.

Tissue paper – Used for the same items as packing paper but is softer and provides more cushion for fragile items.

Permanent marker – Perfect for labeling boxes and to alert when fragile contents are present.

Krubble Wrap (48”)- Bubble wrap on one side and smooth corrugated on the other (Bubble wrap with paper backing used for wrapping furniture). Also used for wrapping pictures, mirrors, covering new floors and lining containers

Packing Tape- Plastic tape, 1.5 inches (3.81 cm) to 2 inches (5.08 cm) wide; best for packing and sealing boxes.

Re-sealable bags – Awesome for storing Screws as you disassemble furniture. 

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